Crokinole board closeup
Crokinole Carrom

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Welcome to Carl and Stan Hilinski's crokinole and carrom web page. Crokinole and carrom are very old, wooden board games that were invented hundreds of years ago, We make them for fun and almost no profit. Each board is one-of-a-kind; we do not like to make duplicates!

You can see pictures of our past boards in our crokinole gallery and in our carrom gallery, and you can now see a slideshow of our crokinole boards. You can also see a slideshow of our custom and special crokinole boards. These include inlays and handpainting by artist Penny Hauffe.

Want to buy one? We have some boards on hand at various prices.

crokinole board
White is ready to shoot at the black disc.
crokinole game
A four-player game in progress. Tessa Samuelson is about to blast her brothers' black discs out of the center of one of our custom boards.

Crokinole is a board game that was probably invented in the 1860s or 1870s somewhere in either Canada or the northern United States. The game is played on a round wooden board with a recessed center hole that is protected by pegs. The object of the game is to score points by flicking wooden discs at the center hole. Here are the standard crokinole rules.

Want to build your own board? Join us as we build crokinole boards!

racked carrom game
Stan, who is sitting to the right, is about to break on a junior board.
carrom game in progress
Stan pocketed a white piece on the break. He has set the striker and is ready to shoot again.

Carrom is played on a square board with pockets. The object is to pocket your colored wooden discs before your opponent pockets his. It is similar to pocket billiards or snooker. We used to make carrom boards, but we don't do that anymore. If you want to purchase a nice carrom board in the United States, try

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