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For Sale

Here are the boards that we currently have for sale. We are always building boards, and if none are displayed below, that just means we're busy making some new ones.

We make "standard" boards and "premium" boards and they are priced accordingly. Standard or premium, the boards have a regulation 26-inch playing surface and are 30 inches in diameter overall.

The most certain way to get a board is to pick something you like from our gallery and ask us to build something similar. We will not promise an exact match, but we'll do our best to come close. Contact us also if you want a custom design either handpainted or done in veneer.

As of April 1, 2016 there will be a new price for standard crokinole boards. The board will be a flat $250. The price includes the board, 12 black and 12 natural discs, a wooden scoretrack AND DOMESTIC SHIPPING. International shipping will be considered on a case by case basis, but be aware it runs anywhere from $50 to $850 depending on your location. Premium boards will also be $250 plus the premium work (e.g. handpainting).

We accept Paypal and money orders. Credit cards are accepted at Paypal. Contact us for information with payment questions. Returns are accepted on damaged goods only. You must keep all packing materials so a claim can be filed with the shipping company. We reserve the right to issue a partial or full refund or a comparable replacement on any crokinole board in lieu of making repairs. Please remember that this is a handmade product and will have flaws in the construction and finishing. We try to be as perfect as possible, but we are human and perfection is not possible.

You can get a copy of the crokinole rules and care instructions by clicking this here

You can email us by clicking this link.

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. This is the wax we typically use on crokinole boards we build. It is 100% Carnauba wax and contains no cleaners. Use it on your discs, too, when the board starts to slow down. Please note that we don't sell/provide wax. This is here so people know which wax we use and if they want to use it, too, they have a photo of the bottle/can to match.


We've noticed a dramatic difference in the colors when viewing boards on different monitors. We're going to try to do a little better job of color-correcting by attempting to match the photos to the actual manufacturers' color palettes. These are stains we commonly use.

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