Crokinole Carrom

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Finishing Up

I am almost done.

Inserting the center plug I glue the center from the bottom. I then stack some weights on towels and wait until the glue dries.

Drilling the peg holes I drill out the holes for the pegs with the proper diameter drill bit. I use a hand drill here, but a power drill works too. I usually donít drill all the way through, but there is no harm in doing this. I just must be sure that the holes are deep enough for the peg inserts.

Tapping in the pegs I put some wood glue on each peg and tap them in with a mallet. I use a square to try to make them straight.

Finishing the bottom I flip the board over after the pegs dry. I put three felt pads along the bottom. Three is best because the board will sit flat even on an uneven surface. With four pads, the board may rock. I put two eyehooks into the edge of the base so the owner can hang the board on the wall. I then sign the board with our names and the date. I also give each board a unique name. Finally I put one more coat of finish over the bottom. I must do this carefully because I don't want the finish to bleed through to the top.


Red Wolf Mount Doom Cowboy

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