Crokinole Carrom

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Preparing the Deck

I sand the decks, drill pilot holes for the pegs, and hide the edges.

Veneer edging We like to hide the plywood edge on our decks with a veneer strip. I have purchased 25 of 3/4" veneer from a local hardware store. I attach the veneer to the outside edge of a deck. This product has glue on one side, and all one does is to iron it on. The glue melts and binds the veneer to the edge. I then use a trimming tool (a razor blade would work too) to trim away the excess along the top and bottom. I then iron the veneer once again to lock down any loose spots.

Drilling pilot holes I drill pilot holes for the pegs. I have made a paper marking circle, and I align it along the pencil lines we used to cut the diagonal grooves.

Sanding the deck surface I sand the deck surface to remove any blemishes and rough edges around the cuts, finishing up with 220 grit sandpaper. The random orbital sander is unbeatable for this kind of work, and if you plan to build a crokinole board yourself, you absolutely need one.

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