Crokinole Carrom

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Base Work

I paint the bases a little, glue them down, and cut them out.

Painting the base The three boards have different colored bases, so I do some painting before I glue on the deck. I want to put a strip of paint down on the circle where the deck meets the base because if I do it after I glue, it will be difficult getting complete coverage without getting paint on the deck. I lay the deck onto the base and draw pencil line around the deck circle. This is "Mount Doom", so I painted a swath of gold over the pencil line. (I use a special tool that I made to help me position the deck on the base. I will show it to you in a moment.)

If I am staining the base, I stain now before I glue down the deck. I also stain the inner side of two rails. I do this because wood does not absorb stain if the wood has been touched by glue. It is much easier if I stain parts before I glue them together.

Centering the deck I glue the decks to their bases, which I can do even before I have completely finished the decks. First I need to position them so that they are 2" from the edge on all sides. (The ditch will be 2" wide.) I have made a tool to help me do this. I cut a piece of scrap wood down to 2" minus the radius of the pencil, which I then taped to the pencil. By holding the tool against the deck, I can draw a circle around the deck, which will give me a line 2" out where the rails will be glued. For now I use it to center the deck by making sure the pencil touches wood on all sides.

Marking the deck with tape When I have the deck centered, I carefully stick tape on the base with a tape edge aligned to the deck. The inside edge of the tape is a marker that tells me where I should put the deck after I have picked it up to apply glue. It also gives me a line so I know where I should apply glue on the deck and where I need to sand (removing some paint in this case). I use tape as a marker instead of a pencil so that I do not have to erase pencil marks at the joint.

Gluing down the deck I clamp the deck to the base, and I wipe off any squeezed-out glue. I use scrap wood on the surface so that I do not mark it. I won’t have problems with the glue messing up the base’s unfinished wood because I painted it before I glued.

Trimming the deck After the glue has dried, I use my pencil tool to draw a circle around the deck, which marks the boundaries for the rails. If the pencil won’t mark paint, I put down some masking tape and run the pencil over it. I then carefully cut the outside circle in my band saw or jigsaw. I finish by sanding down spots I missed.

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