Crokinole Carrom

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Attaching the Outer Rail

I glue the outer ring over the inner ring. To attach the outer ring, I glue each outer rail directly to the inner ring without tacks. I overlap the rails so that an outer rail completely covers an inner rails joint. Like the inner ring, I must trim about an inch off the second outer rail before I glue it.

Spreading glue I spread glue over one side of an outer rail. I like to spread it like peanut butter because it is less likely to run as I attach it.

Attaching outer ring I attach the outer ring with the board upright.

Clamping top It is important to get a tight fit on the rail top so there are no gaps between the inner and outer rings. To avoid needing dozens of clamps, we have made wedge clamps from scrap lumber. Each clamp is simply a small wood scrap with a vee cut removed. I squeeze them down all along the rail top so that the rings fit tightly together. When the glue dries, I attach the second rail in the same manner.

Clamping gaps After I have attached the other ring, I flip the board over. I have a tight fit on the top, but there may be gaps between the rings on the bottom. I pour some glue into these gaps, and I use whatever clamps are appropriate to close them. I pay special attention to where the two outer rails touch.

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