Crokinole Carrom

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Finishing the Base

I sand and paint the base.

Sanding top It is time to sand. I start with the bottom and sand the rails flush with the bottom using coarse, 60 to 80 grit sandpaper. I round over the edges so that the board will feel good to my hands when I pick it up. Next I sand the outside rail joints, and then I flip the board upright and sand the top railing. I want the railing on top to appear to be one piece and rounded inside and out.

Hand sanding inside rail I sand the inside railing by hand. Once I finish with the coarse paper, I do the entire board again with a much finer 220 grit paper.

Painting base I finish painting the base. I begin by taping the deck to keep the paint off it. I paint the top followed by the bottom. After 24 hours, I apply polyurethane over the base. I apply wood decals with the ring script to "Mount Doom" onto the ditch bottom.

Mount Doom bottom I paint the "Mount Doom" base gold. I still have a hole in the center, and I still need to make and insert the pegs.

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